Powerful benefits, built right in

Avoid custom development of recipe technical infrastructure

We've done the work of exposing a full-functioning set of recipe objects through our API calls.

Retrieve and manipulate recipe data objects including powerful search features.

Call methods for recipe actions such as rating, commenting, or adding recipes to meal plans, grocery lists, or personal recipe files.

Tie together recipe content from multiple brands under one umbrella

Kitchen Monki was built to provide individual users a Universal Recipe File for recipes from multiple sources.

Just as you can re-use content from one brand across platforms, you can re-use content across brands.

While your styling may be different, your consumer experience is consistent and unified.

Re-use content across partner websites, Facebook and mobile

Think of Kitchen Monki as your Recipe Content Management System, acting as a central repository and accessed through web-service calls.

Content re-use is effortless compared to burying recipes in your general purpose CMS.

Expose recipes for discovery through partner search

Each new publisher using Kitchen Monki is a potential new window for your recipes to be discovered.

Our recipe search features can work across the entire network content repository, showing recipe title, thumbnail, and description, but inviting the click-through to return to your site, that recipe's home placement.

Expose through paid placements

Because your recipes are can be shared with network partners through back-end settings you control, your recipe content can be syndicated to content-hungry publishers.