Unleash the value of your recipe content

Recipes and food content are important...

  • 3% of all Google searches are recipe related
  • 70% of visitors to food brand sites call "finding recipes" a primary reason
  • A huge advertising marketplace
  • Always on the editorial calendar around events and holidays

...but they are often underleveraged.

  • No recipe-specific search
  • Recipes age away into archives of chronological CMS
  • Few tools to engage users and drive repeat visits
KM White Label

Involving your users in a vibrant food community requires that they are able to interact with your food content.

Kitchen Monki lets your users do just that, by adding the web's most powerful recipe management tools to your site.

See how it works

The benefits speak for themselves

No more flat content

  • Upgraded user experience
  • Many ties to editorial cycle

More valuable ad inventory

  • Longer visits with more pageviews
  • Repeat visits with interactivity
  • Promote visitors to recipe section

Re-usable recipe format

  • API for inclusion in mobile web and apps
  • Facebook app for your Facebook page (coming soon)