How Kitchen Monki White Label works

Embedded Community

  • iFrame call from within your page body
  • CSS to match your site's palette and format elections
  • Multipage template provides entire recipe experience including multiple width options and along with your header and footer


  • Well tested recipe display format with printer friendly options
  • Simple recipe entry wizard providing structured data format for ingredient search and other key tags/filters

Recipe Tools

  • Bookmark recipes from other recipe channels being followed, or tag a recipe found in a search
  • Allow each member to maintain their own private recipes along with tagging favorites and finding everything easily

Meal Planning / Grocery Lists

  • Calendar format for meal plans for a week or month
  • That elusive grocery list generated directly from recipe ingredients from planned meals or favorites

Engaged User Community

  • Enable your audience to easily join your community
  • Highlight a featured member each week/month, or run contests
  • Allow members to add content, or disable content creation option for total quality control of recipes

Admin Control

  • Admin tools for your food community including featured recipe rotation, recipe list length, featured members, etc.
  • Analytics and web stats on pageviews and other key advertising metrics

Facebook Integration

  • Mirror recipe listings to a tab on your Facebook fan page
  • Allow your food community to interact with recipes on Facebook or within your website
  • Simple additional content channel to broaden your food cotent reach and user community
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